How does it work?

Orange Belgium offers in partnership with CompaRecycle a valorisation of your used mobile devices.

Business buyback is a high tech recycling platform that allows companies to resell their old hardware at the best price.

This service is primarily an eco-responsible initiative since you give a second life to your electronic equipment with another company or individual. All our products are reconditioned by strictly erasing all the data of the old users. If the products are not reusable, we undertake to dismantle them according to the rules of the art.

Using the Business Buyback service is also an economic lever since our buyback prices offer you the opportunity to get an interesting value from second-hand equipment. In the context of equipment renewal, selling your old devices can contribute to financing the purchase of new ones.

The service was designed to be very efficient and simple to use. However, should you still have questions, you can contact our customer service by phone at the toll-free number 0800 95 96 2 or at +32 2 745 94 97 from abroad.

This offer is available only for companies that are Orange Belgium customers, for a recycling request of at least 4 devices.

Step 1: Buyback: creating a cart

Choose the products you want to sell via the search engine of each product family. For example, to sell 60 Samsung Galaxy S7 handsets, type "Galaxy S7" in the search field, and make your selection according to the models that appear.

All prices quoted do not include VAT.

Then adjust the quantities for "Operational" or "Out of order".

  • Operational :
    • The product turns on, turns off, you can navigate through the menus, and all buttons are functional
    • The screen and shell are intact and free of scratches, shocks and cracks.
    • The mobile is complete: all buttons are present, as well as the battery, the original battery cover of the manufacturer and the stylus if applicable (accessories such as chargers and cables are not required).
    • The mobile phone is not blocked by a password, and all the user accounts (iCloud, Google, or any other user account) have been deactivated.
  • Out of order
    • Any product that fails to meet any of the criteria mentioned above is considered as "non-operational".
    • Please note that in case the device is blocked by password or by user account (iCloud, Google, or any other user account) the buyback value of the product will automatically change to €0 at the recycling partner.

Once you have created your shopping cart and are ready for the next step, click on "Next".

Step 2: Summary page

At this stage, we remind you of the conditions of the offer.

You must accept the Terms and Conditions before you click NEXT.

Step 3: Identification

Through this step, you can identify yourself on the interface as existing client, or create an account as a new client.

To do so, you agree to provide Orange Belgium with accurate information about your company, address, company name, VAT number or company number and email address. The details entered when creating your account on the interface will be used to process your recycling request.

The quote has been created and will now appear in your orders.

Step 4: Pick-up

This step allows you to set the address and date for the removal of your equipment and the number of packages to collect.

You can now place your pick-up request by clicking on "Pick-up request" in the menu "My orders".

You can then print out your shipping list and the transport voucher by clicking on "Download". The shipping list must be included with your products in the box. The voucher should be pasted on your package. You will receive these documents also by email.

You will also receive the transport voucher and shipping list. The shipping list should be printed and put in the package with your products. The transport voucher must be printed and pasted on the parcel. Ensure that the parcel is ready for scheduled pick-up with the carrier.

Make sure that the package is ready for the scheduled pick-up by the carrier.

Transport is the responsibility of Orange Belgium. All parcels are insured for the amount of the buyback in case of loss of the equipment or damage during transportation.

When your pick-up request has been completed, you will receive a transport voucher per package to be picked-up. These vouchers are to be pasted on the packages.

Reception and testing of the equipment by the Recycling Partner

Upon receipt of the products, the Recycling Partner will test these products to verify their condition. If the state of the products corresponds to the diagnosis declared at the time of the order, the batch is then validated as "Conform" by the Recycling Partner. The Recycling Partner will then validate the payment of the products at the agreed price.

If during the test the Recycling Partner finds products that do not correspond to the diagnosis specified on the order, it will re-evaluate the batch and you will receive a counter-proposal by email that you can accept or refuse. If you accept the counter-proposal, the recycler will validate the Product Payment at the price of the new proposal. If you refuse the new proposal, the Recycling Partner will put the products at your disposal so that you can retrieve them at your expense.


When the Recycling Partner validates the Payment of the products, a confirmation email will be sent to you, and Orange Belgium will pay you, as soon as it receives the payment of the Recycling Partner, the corresponding amount to your Boost Budget account.