What's the purpose of the Business Buyback site?

The Business Buyback site is a "Business To Business" online buyback platform that allows a seller to offer high-tech product packages (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.) to qualified and certified buyers.

How to create an offer ?

To create an offer for a batch of second-hand products that you want to recycle/resell, you must search for the brand and model of the products that make up your batch in the "Search Products" search bar and fill in the required information. You can create an offer as of 4 products, which means that if you have less than 4 products in your Fleet you will have to bring them to one of the Orange Belgium shops closest to your company so that it will valorise your fleet product by product. If you have more than 4 products, you can access this B2B offer and create your sales offer.

How are the logistics to ship my equipment organized?

At the end of your buyback process and when your products are ready for shipment, you must make a request for pick-up by our carrier on the date and time of your choice. You will then receive a transport voucher to print and paste on the parcel, and then wait for your package to be picked up on the scheduled day.

What to do if the carrier does not show up on the day scheduled?

If the carrier does not show up, or if you were unavailable at the time of the pick-up, you can reschedule a pick-up via your "My orders" area. In case of problems, you can contact our customer service by phone at the toll-free number 0800 95 96 2 or at +32 2 745 94 97 from abroad.

What if I want to cancel my request for pick-up ?

If you want to cancel a request for pick-up that you have scheduled, please contact our customer service by phone at the toll-free number 0800 95 96 2 or at +32 2 745 94 97 from abroad.

When will I receive the payment for my buyback ?

The amount of your buyback will be paid by Orange, after reception and test of the products by the buyer (Professional Recycling Partner) and after this partner has declared that the batch received is conform. This validation usually takes place within 3 to 15 days after reception and test of the products, according to the number of products, and if there's no discrepancy between the state of the products declared by you and the state of the products upon reception by the buyer (Professional Recycling Partner).

What to do if the buyer opens a claim ?

If after reception of the products, the buyer (Recycling Partner) determines that the products do not correspond to the initial statement he will have to fill out a claim form which will allow us to verify the type of claim, the reason, and obtain proof of the claim The buyer must then make a new purchase proposal for your batch which you can accept or refuse. If you accept it, the agreed sum will be paid to you upon your acceptance; if you refuse the new proposal, all the products will be returned to you, the return transport remaining at your expense.

Is the price proposed an amount excluding VAT?

Yes, the proposed amount for the buyback excludes VAT. The applicable VAT will be applied on the invoice.